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un5-150zb mobile flash rail welding machine

product features

two modes: removing knob by pressure or not by pressure. adopting vertical clamping method, small volume, light weight, very suitable for urban subway short rail welding construction. 

main technical parameters

maximum welding distance(mm):120

maximum welding sectional area(mm²):10000

rated upset force(kn):750

clamping force(kn): 1900

total weight (kg): 24000

overall dimension (length *width *height):

standard twin box   6000*2500*2500mm

7m single box    7270*2668*2438mm  

9m single box    9103*2656*2438mm

application of rail type

43kg/m, 50kg/m, 60kg/m, 75kg/m, bs80, bs90, uic50, uic60, etc.